Hello beautiful one,

Are you feeling isolated in your business because it’s only you in it, even though it’s your passion and soul calling?

Does your life seem out of balance because you’re using up most of your energy in your business which doesn’t leave enough for the rest of your life? Or, is it hard to focus on your business when your personal life throws you a curve ball?

Maybe you wish you could be part of a small, nurturing group in which you’re supported in your business and life growth, and in turn can support each other?


Well, if this is where you find yourself, we warmly invite you to be part of our very first Business and Life Soul Discovery Circle.


We’re so excited!!


And who are we?  We’re Cheryle Bannon, Spiritual Intuitive, Artist, Teacher and SoulCollage® Facilitator and Helen Bolger-Harris, Certified Business and Life Productivity Coach and Therapist. [insert brief bios here]


We are opening our hearts to welcoming up to 7 women in our 6-month ‘birthing’ of our Discovery Circle. If you feel called to join us, you will be an integral part of this journey before it’s born and officially launched later in the year – fully formed! And you can help shape this formation at a reduced investment (more on that later!).


In turn, we’d really appreciate your input and feedback as we travel along this journey together, so we can refine it in preparation for its launch.


But we won’t accept just anyone! Our Circle is for you if you are

  • Spiritual and want to explore your sacred Self more deeply
  • Creative, in whatever form that is for you
  • In the fledgling years of your business
  • Seeking inspiration from like-minded souls
  • Willing to give as well as receive
  • Able to commit to at least 4 of the 6 Circles


Our Circle is NOT for you if you

  • Are not particularly spiritual or creative
  • Prefer to work alone without support and guidance from others
  • Are an experienced woman in business who feels you’ve got it together already!


Our Discovery Circle experience will involve 6 Circles hosted monthly in person in metro Melbourne, in which you’ll be immersed in spiritual and art-focused processes, which will help you connect more deeply with your business life and soul.

And when this experience comes to its close, we believe you’ll leave with


  • Spiritual and business growth
  • Greater balance and flow in your life and business
  • Self-empowerment and a deeper commitment to self-care
  • Supportive relationships within our Circle sisterhood
  • Divine feminine leadership experience
  • Enhanced intuition

Sounds heavenly, doesn’t it?!


In our first Circle, members will be encouraged to offer ideas about how the Circle forms and grows along the way. Each session will be shaped by the needs of the group however, the usual intended flow is:

  • Welcoming – opening the circle
  • Meditation/breath work to set the desired energy for the Circle
  • Playtime in your complementary Biz and Life Soul Discovery Play Book*, connecting you to your soul path, facilitated by Cheryle
  • A feminine approach to a traditional mastermind will be used for sharing business wisdom and support, in which we will share ideas and offer support for each other’s business growth, facilitated by Helen
  • Sharing connecting time
  • Circle closing

* Our intention is for each woman to create and grow a Biz and Life Soul Discovery Play Book throughout the experience (and beyond) using art and other processes to connect with Self more deeply. This Play Book is a place to hold your creative journey as you seek balance in life and business growth. It is a launching pad that frees you to play in your genius zone!


Also, in our first Circle, we’ll create shared understandings between us for us all to commit to for the duration of the Circle. We’ll then shape each Circle intuitively thereafter, allowing flexibility to meet the group’s needs as we grow together. You will begin your Biz and Life Soul Discovery Play Book with spaces to play between each Circle. Everyone will have the opportunity to facilitate a Circle as you develop your leadership and confidence, as we grow together and nurture joint ownership.

And from this beautiful Discovery Circle, you’ll receive

  • Membership of a private dedicated Facebook group so you can connect, share, and give and receive support throughout the Discovery Circle journey
  • The gift of our Biz and Life Soul Discovery Play Book, to vision your path which will continue to grow with you beyond the life of this Circle (AND all art supplies are included 😊)
  • Practical, repeatable inspired actions that you can use again and again
  • A Circle of women to grow with as you shape your biz and your life
  • The expertise of 2 spiritual creative women to mentor you and share your discoveries
  • A space to nourish you and find the balance your heart desires


Now for the finer details!

Dates: commencing Wednesday 21 February 2018 and continuing on the 3rd Wednesday of the month  thereafter until July 2018:

  • Wednesday 21 March
  • Wednesday 18 April
  • Wednesday 16 May
  • Wednesday 20 June
  • Wednesday 18 July


Time: 7.00-9.00pm.

Venue: Holistic Business Hub, 455 South Rd, Bentleigh (close to Nepean Highway).

Car parking: available free on South Road, in the carpark behind the venue (accessed via Railway Crescent or Jasper Rd), or in the Woolworths car park in Redholme St opposite

Public transport: Moorabbin train station is a minute walk away in Station St, opposite the venue. Bus route number ????

Light refreshments will be provided.


Your Investment: As this is our inaugural Discovery Circle and we are seeking your input into its development, your investment will only be $397.00 if paid upfront before the start of the Circle on 21 February. (Future Circles will be a substantially higher investment).

A payment plan is also available for $437.00, consisting of 2 payments of $218.50 each.

The 1st payment is required prior to the start of the Circle and the 2nd payment will be due by 21 May.

A full refund will be available for the first 30 days only (until 21 March) if you feel the group is not for you.


If you’d like more flow, guidance and connection in life and in your business, and you see value in a collective wisdom, click on this link now http://bit.ly/2FkKEPU to book an Expression of Interest Clarity Call booking. You’ll be asked to answer some expression of interest questions and to book a 10-min phone call with one of us, so we can all determine if your inclusion in our Circle has the right energy.


We so look forward to your contact xx


We’ll need to check if the venue is available on those dates.


  1. Check for parking restrictions on South Rd at that time
  2. Check whether car park behind venue can definitely be accessed via Jasper Rd.
  3. Which buses go along South Rd?
  4. Add in a map??


Share and Enjoy !