Wild Soul Creativity

An intuitive art adventure with Cheryle Bannon

All art workshops with Cheryle Bannon use the Wild Soul Creativity Process as outlined below.

Art is that space where anything is possible as we find our way back to our heart and open to wonder… Cheryle Bannon

Welcome to the Wild Soul Creativity Process that is a space of wonder and possibilities. This iintuitive painting technique was developed by Cherylle Bannon as a way of stepping you into your own connected creative dreaming.

The Wild Soul Creativity porcess is made up of five circles that work togehteer and create a larger connected, heart centered learning circle.

Joyful intuitive play: the circles

All workshops by Cheryle Bannon use the 5 easy step Wild Soul Creativity cycle as we go around the circle steps of connect play, layer, dreaming, and celebration. This spiritual intuitive art process explores our inner worlds as you learn simple techniques to connect with your heart center, inner wisdom, and guidance. We will set our circle of shared intention for our creative adventure within a sacred space and set a clear intention for our adventure as we explore, paint and playfully connect and paint these guided artworks. This is a time to nourish your soul as you give yourself space to breathe and find your center once more. As we learn to listen and connect to, our inner guidance and images take form on your canvas.

The adventure

A workshop session always begins with a welcome and opening to sacred circle space as we connect within our circle of creative souls. We will set an intention for the session which is a general aim rather than a fixed goal as there are no rules in art and we have choices at every step of the process. This freedom and choice is a large part of the joy of the process. Wherever you are in your own process, you are exactly where you are meant to be and within this circle is an invitation to continue to explore your creative world through this intuitive approach to mixed media art.

I will share tips techniques and strategies as you create your own colorful expressive, intuitive paintings using acrylics, collage, ink, pen, and pastels. I will guide you on your unique creative adventure as you develop your own toolkit of strategies in your Intuitive Art Playbook that you will continue to develop long after the workshop is complete. As you allow your inner child to play and learn to trust your own inner guidance you will learn about the elements of design, basic color theory, and composition. You will explore a variety of symbols, mark making techniques and text as you layer and develop your own unique approach to your art process.

Stepping into your story: intuitive reading

The final circle of the Wild Soul Creativity Process is celebration. Celebration is the moment of standing back and recognizing what you have achieved but it is also the invitation to step into your own story and learn an easy way to access the intuitive messages within your own art work  This is a playful way to learn a process that is commonly used with guidance decks to step into the story of your own artwork and is a perfect space to be as you recognise your art piece  as part of your story.

At the end of each day, we have a sharing time and give thanks and gratitude for our time together. Then we close the circle and continue on our path.

 You are invited…

Come on an adventure with me. Dive deep into your soul wisdom and learn skills that empower you to create unique artworks through a joyful, layered, intuitive art play.

Are you ready for a change and know that it is your time now. Do you want to find your creativity that has been lost in your busy everyday lifestyle? Let me guide you through a transformative program that will help you find the space and freedom to create that your heart has been longing for. Wild soul creativity is about finding your space and connecting with your creative wild soul and your deep inner wisdom through playful heart centered art. Learn to listen to your inner heart whispers and know that you are enough as you feed your spirit through creative connected art. This heart-centered intuitive art practice that helps you playfully grow into your own story and travel on your soul path. The five steps of connect, play, layer, dreaming and celebrate combine as you follow each spiral journey in this easy step by step process of connecting with your own creativity. Each section has a series and of layers that will take place on deeper and into your own intuitive process as you explore your wild soul creativity. As you play with the tools and techniques you learn you will develop your own unique style as you explore and learn to trust your own intuitive wisdom. The individual workshops open a doorway to developing your own creative intuitive art practice giving you space and freedom to explore your world.

Who is this  for

The Wild soul creativity process is suitable for beginners and experienced artists. This program creates the space to connect and discover your creativity as a healing and guiding energy in your life. As you learn to listen and step into your intuitive wisdom, you are able to take back your sense of self and be more fully who you are as you navigate your day to day life. Your inner guidance system will become an integral part of your understanding of your world. Art as a playful explorative journey will open you in ways that create a sense of balance and freedom. As you go deeper you will learn ways to extend your creative process as you learn to step into the painting and speak from the inner soul part it represents. Come and explore the depth f who you are through paint, play and imaginings as you create your world and welcome back the parts of you that are that wild soul, the dreamer who create their own unique world.

Enjoy the adventure!

Love and Blessings

Cheryle Bannon







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