Please excuse the fact that this page us a work in progress. As i continue on this path to who I am becoming and finding out more about who I really am, I have come to believe in the importance of imperfect actions. Each small imperfect action takes us closer to the person we know we are inside. I’m imagining that scene in the movie hooked where the lost boy pushes Peter’s hair off his face and says ‘Oh there you are Peter. It is that moment if recognition that is powerful and surprises us.                                                         Enjoy my freebies as a gift for your adventures.                                                                                                                                   Love and blessings,



This FREE gift from Cheryle Bannon is invites you to playfully open to your Wild Soul Creative dreaming.

You will receive a small tent card, a framable sized image and a few c quotes. Feel free to use the inspiration to create something new of your own or simply enjoy the inspiration.


This heart-centered workbook will guide you as you learn simple ways to connect with your inner wise self through art and begin new conversations. These simple guiding questions can be used again and again as a way to connect with your inner wise self. This approach also works brilliantly with guidance cards. Enjoy this playfully guided process.

20 Ways to Connect With Your Intuitive Artist’s Soul

This guidebook takes you through 20 simple strategies to help you connect with your intuitive artist as you open to the guidance that is within you.


So many women who inspire us to step into our version of something more…


An inspiration and light in the world as she inspires each of us to choose love over fear. Her work is a blessing to the world.



Kai Ashley is an inspiring healer who specializes ibpn her own unique version of EFT which focuses on breathe work and release along with the traditional tapping points.



Laurie started the Enough Movement to inspire women to know that they are enough and to inspire women everywhere to step into their true potential. She has written a book called Enough and spoken at the Un on women’s issues. Her work and growing movement is needed at this time as so many of us step into our own potential.


This space is full of websites, apps and resources I love. Explore and enjoy.

WATCH THIS SPACE: taking small imperfect actions…a work in progress.










These books have touched my heart and inspired me through there stories and actions in ways that have filled me up and helped me know the next step forward. Wether I am reading about art, inspiration, healing or how to books, there is something that has given me a moment of recognition. These are books that I go back to again and again. Happy reading.


Dr. Clarrissa Pinkola Estes shares this classic stories, myths and fairytales to help us reconnect that help us reconnect to our feminine archetypes that are intuitive, instinctual, energised and have a wild fierceness book that shares archetypal stories that are about the eternal feminine and the learning that each story brings to the Wild Soul within every woman. She helps us connect to deep parts of our psyches that heal through these universal feminine archetypal stories that have a way of staying with you, long after you have finished reading.


Gabrielle Bernstein has created this inspirational book that takes you on an inner journey of forgiveness and love. Gabrielle has based this book on ‘A Course in Miracles’ and has created something extraordinarily powerful for us today, as we seek to know ourselves more and step into the our own truth. An amazing and continuing adventure into self and how we connect with ourselves and the world.

This book section will give you a taster of what is in store for this adventure.


The Power of Myth has been one of those books that I continue to return to. It is a classic that has so much wisdom within the pages. Joseph Campbell is an inspirational writer grounded in myths and their universal relevance to us as we go on our own heros journey. A must read for anyone who wants to explore beneath the surface and understand our own stories and how they impact our lives both now and throughout history.


This beautiful little book by Kerry Armstrong explores all the relationships in our lives. Some people are in our inner circles and some further out as. our relationships change over time. A thoughtfulul book with a practical exercise to help you view your connections through your relationship circles.


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Invite your intuition guidance to lead the way as you connect
                             and learn to listen as you step into your truth.

Love and blessings always,

Cheryle 🦋

Art is an intuitive process. I see an image that inspires me and ideas begin to bounce off each other as the image forms.

Cheryle Bannon

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